Fulzyme Plus, Report Of Almond Trials

The three trial sites have produced results to support the claim for FULZYME-PLUS in allowing good fibrous root development and retention of the developed fibrous roots.

As shown in the photos in the trial paper, FULZYME-PLUS assisted greatly in the establishment of good root density as well as the depth of fibrous root development (40 cm – 55cm). The timing of FULZYME-PLUS application needs further investigation to maximize the effect of its application. The claim of higher yields by KELPAK was proven by Trial # 1 (Keane) and Trial # 2 (Sharpe). Unfortunately, the Trial # 3 site (Pierson) has not given yield data, however the root assessment data was very important in this trial site. Nemaguard was the rootstock and both FULZYME-PLUS and the combination of FULZYME-PLUS + KELPAK applications have proved the efficacy of both products. The growers have attended two field days and are convinced of the usefullness of the products.
View full trial report here.

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