K-Forte Potassium Trial on Wine Quality

K-Forte Potassium has no adverse effect on wine quality.

K-Forte, a commercially available foliar potassium-based product containing no nitrogen and balanced amounts of potassium and phosphorous (0-5-20), was assessed in trials on Merlot to determine its ability to increase colour and Brix of grapes in the 2004 season.

Wine colour analyses, as well as microvinification trials, were subsequently carried out by the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) on four chosen experimental lots of grapes. Analysis of the end product (i.e., wine analysis) was requested in order to prove that K-Forte, unlike all other potassium fertilisers available on the market, has no adverse effect on wine quality, as well as to highlight any benefits of using the product, such as the improved colour of wine and other sensory attributes.

The four lots of Merlot plots were processed to make four wines known as; Te Awa Control, Te Awa Trial, Tametea Control and Tametea Trial.

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