European Green Deal

What does the European Green Deal mean for New Zealand growers?

Europe is set to become the first climate-neutral continent, looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, under the European Green Deal.

If you are an exporter to Europe, then we believe it would be prudent to understand the huge economic opportunities coming and how new European rules, under the ‘Farm to Fork Strategy’, will impact your business in New Zealand.  

Europeans value food sustainability and they believe there is an urgent need to reduce dependency on pesticides, reduce excess fertilisation and increase organic farming, whilst improving animal welfare and biodiversity. With this in mind they are pursuing the development of Green Alliances with all of their trading partners .

You can view the Green Deal action areas in more detail here.

How can we be prepared for the changes ahead? 

Over the next several years, exporters to the EU, which includes many growers in New Zealand, since Europe is New Zealand’s third largest region of export, will need to remain aware of and compliant with a plethora of regulatory changes.

In terms of the Farm to Fork strategy, the reduction of chemical use and the rehabilitation and protection of soils are key areas of focus and Roots, Shoots and Fruits can help growers in these areas.

Many growers in New Zealand are already reducing their reliance on pesticides and synthetic chemicals and there is support across some industries, NZ wine and apples for example, to reduce pesticide use with or without the need for legislation.

Other industries are going to have to step up their game, because the EU has banned 195 chemicals whilst New Zealand has banned only 27. It has been possible to export food products to the EU that may have had banned pesticides applied, but for not much longer.

Healthy soils thriving with beneficial organisms and high in Organic Matter have the power to produce high-yielding crops while reducing reliance on chemicals. Precision applications of organic bioavailable minerals will overcome any deficiencies fast, ensuring healthy mineral-dense plants and, therefore, food. In addition, mycorrhizal fungi can regulate carbon storage through the proteins they secrete, a fact which is becoming more widely recognised in the push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as alleviate eutrophication of our waterways.

Roots, Shoots & Fruits products have been involved in extensive field trials that demonstrate clearly that high-quality produce can be grown using our innovative advanced mineral nutrition and biological products. Our focus on advanced technology and environmentally friendly options is reducing the reliance on traditional chemical farming inputs.

We have an opportunity to impact the future of growing in New Zealand and we would love to help our growers to grow sustainably and thrive in this evolving agricultural landscape. 

Contact Molly today to discuss how you can reduce your reliance on pesticides and synthetic chemicals to align with the Farm to Fork regulations.