When and How Should You Use Calcium In Your Home Garden? 

Along your journey to grow better produce, you will learn about many different types of nutrients your garden and plants need (or don’t need) in order to be as healthy as possible and produce lots of yummy veggies, fruit and flowers!

As we’ve been working with commercial growers in New Zealand over two decades now, we have loads of experience around what makes plants healthy in our climate and what your plants need at all stages of their growth. 

In this article, we’re focusing on the power of organic BIOMIN Calcium and how and when you should use it in your home garden. 

WHY apply Calcium to your plants?

Do you grow flowers, fruit or veggies? BIOMIN Calcium is ideal for all crops as it contains one of the most important elements in plant mineral nutrition — Calcium.

The main benefits to your garden for using Calcium are:

  • Improving fruit firmness to have juicy, crunchy, and tastier fruit that lasts for ages in your fruit bowl after picking.
  • Avoiding that horrible splitting that happens (especially to tomatoes!) after rain, calcium prevents fruit splitting and spoiling.
  • Plants and produce are resilient and less susceptible to disease.
  • Increasing overall health, root growth and mineral balance of plants.

Specifically, Calcium helps to reduce and prevent:

  • Fruit splitting in grapes, cherries and stone fruit.
  • Bitter pit in apples.
  • Albedo breakdown in citrus.
  • Post-harvest breakdown of fruit and vegetables in general.

WHEN to apply Calcium to your plants?

Calcium can be applied as a foliar or soil application, so it’s very easy to apply diluted in water straight from your watering can or sprayed onto foliage or as a powder sprinkled onto the soil and then watered in.

Biomin Calcium is best applied to fruit trees within the first three weeks after flowering. For veggies, apply immediately after flowering. You can apply at any other time with good effect, but these post-flowering times are when the plant needs calcium the most. For those growing flowers as a crop or in their garden, apply pre-bloom for strong, tall upright flower stems and long life.  

HOW to buy Calcium for your home garden.

Shop our organic BIOMIN Calcium product.

Benefits of Organic Gardening 

At Roots, Shoots & Fruits, we’re all about helping you create robust, resilient gardens while using fewer harmful synthetic chemicals. Our products are organic minerals and beneficial bio-organisms that boost the health of your soil, your plants and the environment, providing protection from pathogens and increasing microbiome diversity in your backyard.

Our products proudly have the BioGro organic certification. This certification shows we have satisfied the strictest standards of New Zealand’s most respected organic certifier. When you use our products, you can be assured that not only are you accessing the highest quality fertilisers, but you are also supporting a move towards an environmentally sustainable future.

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