Multi-mineral fertilisers

Why a multi-mineral boost can be an easy step in maintaining the health of your crops.

Multi-mineral fertilisers are a fantastic choice for growers wanting an all-in-one style approach to balancing nutrients and encouraging healthy crops. They help to replenish lost reserves of the critical trace elements that are required for ultimate crop health and yield.

If you are not requiring or interested in an in-depth leaf analysis, a multi-mineral product provides a fantastic broad-spectrum approach to addressing and preventing nutrient deficiency in crops.  

Certainly, a multi-mineral fertiliser is helpful – however, it is important to note that not all multi-mineral fertilisers are created equal. 

Typically conventional fertilisers require multiple sprays in order to achieve desired absorption and utilisation within the plants because the molecular structure is large and only a limited amount will be absorbed each time. This results in multiple days of labour plus significant runoff of the synthetic product into our waterways due to not being entirely soluble. 

Also, many generic type products apply low rates over the many applications to avoid crop burning due to their additional chlorides and added fillers. Even though rates are low and the burn is not visible, it is still deteriorating the leaf surface, which is why we recommend only high-grade ingredients that don’t harm your crops. 

Over the past 2 decades Roots, Shoots & Fruits have been supplying New Zealand farmers with a higher-quality multi-mineral designed for fast and 100% absorption and have seen fantastic results across a wide range of crops.

Biomin Booster V is an organic trace mineral fertiliser loaded with all the essential trace elements required to support maximum crop productivity – including Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum and Glycine Amino Acid Nitrogen. 

The key to Biomin Booster Vs’ success is its 100% solubility rate and its zero charge, which enables it to cross the cell membrane barrier and can be distributed throughout the plant freely to areas of need. 

What makes Biomin Booster V so absorbent? 

Glycine Chelation. Glycine is the smallest amino acid commonly used by and found in plants. Through chelating amino acids with glycine, the small molecules of Biomin Booster V quickly and easily permeate the leaf surfaces resulting in a 100% absorption and readily bio-available mineral boost for crops.

In fact, Biomin Booster V is proven to achieve total absorption within a few hours after application – no waste or residue, just 100% nutrient intake. This fast absorption brings relief to New Zealand farmers who have eyes to the sky every day trying to maximise application and absorption of products within a typical NZ rain window.


Organic fertiliser technology trumps synthetic

Compared with synthetic fertilisers, organic fertilisers that utilise the advanced Glycine chelation technology have a faster absorption rate. This enables crops to not only absorb but also transport the minerals around the plant freely, compared to poorer quality fertilisers which can create a toxic build-up and halt nutrient consumption. 

If you want to improve produce yield and quality for many seasons to come, there are compounding benefits of adding high quality organic fertilisers, such as increasing biological organisms and organic matter, which in turn improves water holding capacity of soil (hello drought resistance!) and nutrient uptake that will benefit future season’s crops. 

Beware! Avoid Chlorides in your fertilisers!

An abundance of research on poor soil quality has pointed to synthetic fertilisers as a leading contribution. Not only does an overload of unnatural chemicals damage the soil by killing off beneficial organisms, but they also pollute the surrounding waterways and play an influential role in New Zealand’s environmental concerns. One ingredient to note is Chloride, which is a filler used in many fertilisers. Chloride will add to sodium build up in the soil, leading to more saline soils. This is damaging the soil, and over time it becomes sterile and lifeless – negatively impacting your crops in future years.

Save money + get better results… win/win!

Don’t compare the price drum-for-drum of different products. It is important to compare the rate and number of applications, as well as the efficacy of the product before you make the assumption that using superior quality products is more expensive.

Plus, consider the positive impact to your future crops by using superior products this season.

Compared to generic alternatives, less Biomin Booster V is required to achieve optimal results. Due to the high amounts of generic fertilisers needed to successfully transport the necessary amount of nutrients into the crop, you will end up buying and applying more product to achieve the same result. 

When is the best time to use Biomin Booster V? 

Great news, it is ALWAYS the right time to apply Biomin Booster V. At every stage of your crop cycle and especially at key times (pre-flower, post-harvest) the trace elements within Biomin Booster V will assist with every metabolic reaction within the plant and the small but important amount of Glycine Amino Acid Nitrogen will keep the crop ticking over throughout the season.

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