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Why use a multi-mineral booster in your home garden?

If we are what we eat… then I aim to be healthy, robust, plentiful and full of flavour – just like the fruits and veggies from my garden!!

Just as the human body requires balanced and available nutrients to thrive, our gardens rely on available macro and micronutrients to grow strong, healthy plants that are more resistant to disease and extreme weather conditions. 

Maybe you take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to support your own health? Similarly, we can very easily provide our garden plants with a balanced boost of nutrients in the form of a multi-mineral booster.

How does a multi-mineral actually help your plants? 

Giving your garden plants a broad spectrum multi-mineral will improve their overall health including the yield and quality of delicious produce for you and your family to enjoy!

Your garden will thank you because using a multi-mineral: 

  • Provides balanced nutrition, supplying all essential trace elements meaning you will have more mineral-dense produce
  • Improves plant resistance to pest and disease
  • Improves the yield (quantity) of fruit and vegetables
  • Helps your plants grow faster so you can pick sooner
  • Helps with shelf life, produce stays fresher for longer once picked!

Where to find a quality multi-mineral booster?

Roots, Shoots & Fruits have long been advocates for the regular application of a quality multi-mineral product. Our easy to apply product “Biomin Booster” is a multi-mineral combination featuring Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum and Amino Acid (organic) Nitrogen that can be applied at any stage of growth.

Being 100% organic, Biomin Booster is safe to humans and wildlife as well as being environmentally friendly. 

The additional beauty of this product is that the minerals are 100% absorbed. This means you require less product in your garden to achieve the desired effect AND it is absorbed quickly, but if it does rain on your parade, the minerals are still 100% available from the soil, no wastage!

Merry Christmas from the Roots, Shoots & Fruits family!

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