Phoscare – Phosphite Systemic Mineral Fertiliser


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Phosphorous is one of the most difficult nutrients to supply to plants, particularly through the soil because most soils have phosphorous fixation characteristics. To compensate for the inefficiency of phosphorous utilisation by plants it is necessary to apply PHOSCARE to the plants as it is an immediate form of Phosphorous which the plant recognises and utilises quickly. Technologies which can improve the efficiency of phosphorous can greatly reduce the quantities of phosphorous application, helping growers save time and money.

Use of PHOSCARE is most beneficial for crops that grow in cold weather, have limited root growth, fast top growth and in waterlogged conditions.

PHOSCARE is applicable to crops and soils at all stages, specifically designed to benefit your plants and produce by:

  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Combating phosphorous and potassium deficiencies
  • Assisting in flowering and fruiting
  • Quickening crop maturation
  • Promoting healthier root development
  • Promoting crop quality
  • Assisting with cold winter growth

PHOSCARE is a product produced using new technologies which are different from the traditional phosphorous fertiliser technologies. Phosphorous acid instead of phosphoric acid is used as the phosphorous source. The product derived from using Phosphorous acid is phosphite instead of phosphate. PHOSCARE is intended to be used as an immediate, highly available source of Phosphorous and Potassium.

PHOSCARE can be applied to ALL crops including all vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions, all berries and strawberries, all brassicas, all fruit trees, avocadoes, persimmons, citrus, all nut trees, vineyards, kiwifruit, tropical fruit, lettuce, asparagus, all melons, beans, ginger, ornamentals, cut flowers and pastures.

Always run a compatibility test before spraying this product with other chemicals.

Please check industry allowance for use of Phosphites. 

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Product Details (%/w/v): Nitrogen 0.0 | Phosphorous 28.0 | Potassium 25.0

Note: This product is not certified organic.

Weight18.9 kg

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